How I’m spending my friday💎

Good morning Guys! So this morning I've been practicing a few shots and editing a few bits, you can catch my photography blog on Instagram at ; amyrobertsphotography. Feel free to follow me and support me😌 it would be great and fully appreciated. Tips and suggestions on some new stuff to photograph is fully accepted please and Thankyou!! but yes.. as I was saying I've been practicing with my boyfriends canon & doing some normal shots on my IPhone 7plus which is gratefully amazing for taking shots. So have a great day! & I hope you're all well! 📸✨💎

First post✨

Hey there!
As I'm all new to this and getting the hang of it slowly I thought I'd talk about a few of my favourite things which I will probably talk about or discuss within my time on word press!! so as you have probably guessed with my photo of choice I've decided to pin with this post I love Cacti! I'll probably end up sharing the very many photos I take of them. Also LGBT as being a part of the B in that community it's a subject I don't get to talk about every day but I'm proud to. photography is also a huge part of my life and my love for it is pretty big I'm only new to it but I'm getting there! So have a photo of my cacti and I hope you enjoy my blog 💎